"A miracle is a shift in perception, from fear to Love." (ACIM)

"Now I've found Sophie, I'm truly relieved and excited to be connected to an individual with such a pure gift and connection to source. Sophie is wonderfully kind, has a great sense of humour and is genuinely caring of you and sensitive to your needs. She utilises her gifts with compassion and professionalism."

Healing and spirituality have always been in my life, I could say that it is my life !
My great GrandFather's name was "Sauveur" which means "To save" and he did miracles during his precious life, my grandfather my grandmother and my mother were very spiritual people, they taught me a lot by their Presence, Light and words.
Devotion and service to the Greatest are our core values.
Since my childhood I have been communicating with other realms (Angels, Light beings, animals) thinking everyone on Earth did it...

However life caught me in its huge waves and I studied at Law University, getting a Master Degree Diploma and then I worked in communications, having my own
communications, advertising and press relations agency for more than 15 years (Nice, Paris, Brussels).
But spirituality was still part of my daily life as being in contact with other realms which are so full of love and pure and dealing with our modern world was a huge shock for me.
I had to find tools to find this Love and this Peace in everyday life !
Having also an ability to heal with my hands since my younger age I started this spiritual journey learning different massage techniques and meeting guides.

I learned Shiatsu, Shiatsu Amma Seated massage, Reiki Karuna, Healing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Yoga.
I also developed my healing and spiritual life meeting Gurus and Spiritual guides
(Amma, Mooji, Marianne Williamson, Steve Ford, Denis Marquet, Jeff Foster) and following different self enquiries techniques (Therapy, Family's Constellations, Reiki Master, Angel card reading online course (Doreen Virtue), Awakening Women Institute (Durga Training), Tapping technique (Nick Orner), the 4th Tolteques Agreements online training (Miguel and Jose Ruiz), Psyche diagrammes (Grégoire Tolede & Marie-Joëlle Valois), Pentecostal songs). I also discovered Healing meditations with Masters & Angels (Sivaroshan).
Very sensitive and intuitive, I saw my psychic abilities increase, being able to see the energy field around people (in person or in distance), to feel their emotional dilemmas and sufferings, to communicate with their guides and ancestors, counselling and guiding when asked for.

At one stage I couldn't deny anymore what I was asked to do in this life, as it was "invading" my business career, business clients asking me to give private sessions. What life wants... !
So I gave up what my mind and the society had planned for me and I listened to my heart. I opened to all the wonderful synchronicities that became more and more obvious.
My ability to communicate with other realms (channeling) and to heal developed rapidly among private clients in France, Belgium and England.
I became a professional Channeler, Clairvoyant and Healer.
Now I have clients from all other the world. I do live channelings on Facebook every week. I also do guided healing meditations with Masters & Angels once a month.
I am at full service for these beautiful realms so that they can guide you for a greater and fulfilled Life.

The sessions I propose bring you clarity and give you tools to gain your power back and find your own Unique way to be at Peace and live a fulfilled Life. Each session is unique and a pure Miracle for you and me. I work with Angels, Ascended Masters and Light beings.
It is pure Love and Light.
Each session is unique and is meant for you. You will be amazed by the synchronicities !

A healing session is unique to everyone, being inspired by the moment and what has to be unblocked, released, seen or cleared.

The Clairvoyant session consists of communicating with dead persons, dead animals or alive animals but also with your personal spirit guides. It depends on your demand and on the information that comes through me.

It is an amazing journey that will show you all your abilities and your huge potential in this Life. You will shine your own Light and Love and be at Peace, in Harmony. You will see clearly all your blockages, release them and you will learn from them.

Education : Shiatsu Training (Kayada, Iokai schools in Brusells, Belgium), Energy Healing Training (Sarah Polain, Brussels, Belgium), Shiatsu Amma Sat massage (Kajudo school Brussels, Belgium), Foot Reflexology (European Foot Reflexology Centre, Brussels, Belgium), Aromatherapy (Andre Bitsas school), Durga Sadhana (Women Institute), Reiki Karuna (Sarah Polain), Healing. Master and Angels healing with Sivaroshan Sahathevan, Student of A Course In Miracles (ACIM), Hatha yoga & Kundalini yoga.

Be at service, in Love with Life and Grateful. These are the basic keys for happiness ( message received during channeling).