I have an ability to communicate with other realms, and especially with the departed. So if you want to know more about these beings that you are unable to communicate with let's do it together. The information that I receive is not filtered and in those realms only Truth matters... So if you ask you receive. Be aware of it and if it is ok for you, let's do it !

Communicating with the departed
You want to know about a loved one who passed away ? You feel stuck in your life as you haven't been able to go through your pain or questions ?
I can help you with this, being able to communicate with the departed.
You can ask specific questions or we can let the deceased express themselves freely.
But be ready for any answer !

"It is not because I am dead now that you can ask me this ! You wouldn't have dared when I was alive, why would it change now ?!!" What a passed one told me doing a session when his son asked him a very personal question :-).

By appointment on Skype.
60 min to 90 min session.

Artwork by: Zero Zero Sungrazer