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New ! Masters & Angels group classes in Brighton, starting Sunday the 29th of April !
I am happy to announce that in collaboration with Sivaroshan and thetwodoves, I propose a Masters & Angels group classes in Brighton, every last Sunday of the month, starting in April.

Masters & Angels – group classes are a fantastic way to experience the power of healing as-well as learning about the higher realms. The classes are interactive, with beginners made to feel especially welcome. It’s a great way to get acquainted with this type of work, make friends and talk openly to people about your experiences in this field.

The classes takes the form of a guided meditation using energy transmissions from the ascended masters and angels. This energy helps us realise our inner light and power, helping us to let go of blocks that stop us moving forward in life. The energy is normally received while lying down (there are mats, blankets, cushions etc) or equally you can sit in meditation pose. The transmission effects everybody differently, there is no right or wrong, your experience is valuable whatever it is! Most people report feeling relaxed, greater clarity on an issue or felt something lift from them, it can be very physical while others may feel nothing. The key is to surrender and allow the experience to unfold. At the end we have chance to integrate our experiences and you may share your experience with the group if you wish.
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To join The Next Class, Sunday 29th of April 2017 @ 6.30pm contact me via email : or by phone 077 245 85 104
£10 per person.
Booking necessary as the places are limited.

In London
Masters and Angels Group classes are run by Sivaroshan in London with a regular Monthly Class at the Skylight Centre and also a new weekly class at Total Chi on Wednesdays.
Sivaroshan began exploring the world of guides, angels and masters to understand how they could help in his work as a healer. He has trained in numerous modalities of healing including Reike, Seicheem, Sat Nam Rasayan, Ascended Master, Angelic and Metatronic. Today he has developed his own style of healing (thetwodoves). His journey from City worker to yoga teacher and healer has given him a unique insight into applying this knowledge in the everyday world.

Another beautiful testimonial !

I feel so blessed. I really love what I do.
Thank you Bart, much love

" Going to probably the most radical conversion in my life so far, being faced with very fundamental questions on who and what I truly am and need to become, Sophie was and still is an important guide in assisting me making the right decisions, some of which are not obvious at all. She teached me to listen ‘in peace’ to my heart, and to focus and have faith in God. Her channeling and guidance is very powerful, her healing very effective. Meeting her was no coincidence, but a gift from Above, there is no other way to put it: miracles happen, I know it, and Sophie too! Love to you dear.
Bart, Monaco "

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"After utilising the gifts of Clairvoyant's, Tarot Readers, Reiki Healers and energy workers
for almost a decade I know when it's the real deal and also when it's, frankly, BS! Sophie is the real deal.
Having been spoilt by working with a very gifted Clairvoyant for many years, until sadly she stopped giving reading due to ill health, I despaired of finding anyone else with a genuine gift and have been disappointed by readings from individuals endorsed by very reputable
organisations. Now I've found Sophie, I'm truly relieved and excited to be connected to an individual with such a pure gift and connection to source. Sophie is wonderfully kind, has a great sense of humour and is genuinely caring of you and sensitive to your needs. She utilises her gifts with compassion and professionalism. Our session helped enormously in gaining clarity and confirmation on a number of issues. Don't think about it, just book! It's like having a birds eye view of your life !"
- Wuese Houston-Jibo