Clairvoyance : communication with deceased persons and animals (alive and dead)

You feel sad because you did not say all that you wanted to say before a loved one died ? You would like to have news from them ? You don't understand the behaviour of your pet or you would like to have news with your dead pet ?

I have an ability to communicate with other realms, and especially with the deceased and the animals. So if you want to know more about these beings that you are unable to communicate with let's do it together.
The information that I receive is not filtered and in those realms only Truth matters... So if you ask you receive. Be aware of it and if it is ok for you, let's do it !

Communicating with the deceased
You want to
know about a loved one who died, feeling stuck in your life as you haven't been able to go through your pain ? You have specific questions ?
I can help you with this, being able to communicate with the deceased.

Communicating with animals, alive or dead
Your pet has a weird behaviour and you would like to understand why ?
just lost your pet and you want to know how it feels ?

A session will help you
understand or have news from your loved pet. Be ready for amazing news. Sometimes the answer to our questions is beyond our expectations or imagination !

By appointment in person or via Skype.
60 min to 90 min session.

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