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New price for Healing and Clairvoyance sessions

After a beautiful channeling made today with Light beings I have been told to change the price of the Healing and Clairvoyance sessions to make them more affordable to everyone.
So if they say, I do ;-).
So from now on, the 60 minutes session is 60£ instead of 75£, yeah ! :-)

"After utilising the gifts of Clairvoyant's, Tarot Readers, Reiki Healers and energy workers
for almost a decade I know when it's the real deal and also when it's, frankly, BS! Sophie is the real deal.
Having been spoilt by working with a very gifted Clairvoyant for many years, until sadly she stopped giving reading due to ill health, I despaired of finding anyone else with a genuine gift and have been disappointed by readings from individuals endorsed by very reputable
organisations. Now I've found Sophie, I'm truly relived and excited to be connected to an individual with such a pure gift and connection to source. Sophie is wonderfully kind, has a great sense of humour and is genuinely caring of you and sensitive to your needs. She utilises her gifts with compassion and professionalism. Our session helped enormously in gaining clarity and confirmation on a number of issues. Don't think about it, just book! It's like having a birds eye view of your life !"
- Wuese Houston-Jibo